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What is The Jamie Kennedy Experiment about?
In this half-hour series, affectionately nicknamed JKX, actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy combines hidden-camera pranks with sketch comedy to see how everyday people-- and some celebrities-- behave in unusual situations. Jamie appears in a wide variety of disguises, getting his "marks" involved in an equally wide variety of bizarre predicaments. When a joke has run its course, Jamie delivers the show's immortal tag line: YOU'VE BEEN X-ED! Each skit is presented in front of an audience, either in-studio or on location, and sometimes Jamie brings his marks on as special guests after presenting a segment. After three seasons, JKX ended its original run in the spring of 2004. The entire series is available on DVD, with each season having its own box set. I don't have many episode reviews up right now, but I am planning to write more in the coming weeks. Now that I no longer have a co-editor for season three, I will be also revising (or more appropriately, redoing) the entries for the last

Actors: Jamie Kennedy, Joe Clair, Chris Tallman
Genre: Comedy, Reality


Season 1 of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 2: Show 2  
    Episode 3: Show 3  
    Episode 4: Show 4  
    Episode 5: Show 5  
    Episode 6: Show 6  
    Episode 7: Show 7  
    Episode 8: Show 8  
    Episode 9: Show 9  
    Episode 10: Show 10  
    Episode 11: Show 11  
    Episode 12: Show 12  
    Episode 13: Show 13  
    Episode 14: Show 14  
    Episode 15: Show 15  
    Episode 16: Show 16  
    Episode 17: Show 17  

Season 2 of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

Season 3 of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

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