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Watch The Jamie Kennedy Experiment online: Episode 14 Show 14

Meet Rocky and Heidi. Rocky takes Heidi to a couples therapist (Jamie) to "X" her. But when Rocky's away, Jamie lets Heidi in on the joke! She and Jamie proceed to "X" Rocky, with the help of JKX writer, creator, and producer Adam Small. Skit two features the same couples therapist with a different (unnamed) couple. The guy sets out to "X" his girlfriend, but right before the skit begins, he tells her what he's up to. Like that's gonna stop Jamie and Adam from "X-ing" them anyway! That old massage bit from "Show 11" is back (God, how many variations of this skit are there?). This time, "Kyle" shows up drunk and pretends to throw up on the mark, who, as usual, can't see a damn thing. And "Judge Jamie" justice is served once more, but, as in "Show 7", it's the bailiff that renders the verdict. Oh, and Jamie decides to gay up his act a little, just for good measure.

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