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Watch The Jamie Kennedy Experiment online: Episode 1 Episode 201 (a.k.a. Show 18)

In the second-season premiere: Prompted by Warner Brothers to fuse classical music with hip-hop, Brad Gluckman auditions a classically trained pianist. This doesn't go down so well with B-Rad's rapping partner, who hates the idea from the start. Giuliana asks her friend Don to meet a contractor at her house for a small landscaping job, instructing him "not to let anything happen to her house." The contractor brings with him two disgruntled workers, one of whom is Jamie in disguise, and before Don even realizes what's happening, they start demolishing Giuliana's house! (Oh, don't worry--she's in on it!) Three aspiring actors join Jamie's acting class, which is really a front for a cult that worships a robot named "Bliss", but it can't be a bad cult...Freddie Prinze, Jr. is a member!

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