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Watch The Jamie Kennedy Experiment online: Episode 11 Show 11

"Judge Jamie" delivers his own unique brand of justice once more, except instead of being a senile old man, his pretty young female litigants have made him a horny old man! Wonder why they didn't charge him with sexual harrassment? "Kyle" (Jamie) and his friend Kathy give a new-age kind of massage that involves riding their client's back, singing out of tune, and chanting loudly, and the poor guy they're massaging can't see anything they're doing. Jamie poses as a spaced-out rock musician who disturbs a local restaurant with the ringing of his cell phone and his loud speaker phone conversations. Finally, Jamie disguises himself as a member of a test audience for a new TV show... a mean-spirited, totally unfunny version of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, in which the pranks include urinating on an innocent pedestrian from a rooftop.

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