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What is Tales from the Neverending Story about?
Twelve-year-old Bastian Balthazar Bux had lost the wonderful imagination he had as a child somewhere between growing older, watching TV, going to school and playing with his Gameboy. But when his mother dies suddenly, Bastian's limitless imagination is reborn. Bastian comes across a magical book, "The Neverending Story," in a curious little bookstore. Inspired by the book, Bastian creates an enchanted world called Fantasia, inhabited by dragons, dark knights and assorted heroes and villains. The adventure of a lifetime begins when Bastian projects his Fantasian alter ego, Atreyu, into a battle against the sinister force of The Nothing. This terrible force threatens to destroy Fantasia and its ruler, the Childlike Empress. Only Atreyu, a 14-year-old Woodland boy and unlikely hero, can save her and find a cure for The Nothing. Bastian's experiences in the real world; such as his mourning, his new, sometimes tumultuous life with his dad, his problems with a school bully and his

Actors: Tyler Hynes, Emma Taylor-Isherwood, Simon Peacock, Johnny Griffin, Stéfanie Buxton, Stefano Faustini, Valerie Chiniara, Sally Taylor-Isherwood, Noël Burton, Brittany Drisdelle, Audrey Gardiner, Edward Yankie, Greg Kramer, Jane Wheeler, Victoria Sanchez, Mark Rendall,
Genre: Children


Season 1 of Tales from the Neverending Story

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