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What is The Howard Stern Show about?
Howard Stern changed the face of media with this hit show, which is actually a filmed version of his morning radio show. Howard took freedom of speech to the next level, which kept listeners listening and watchers watching. Howard graduated from Boston University in 1976, where he also began his career as a disc jockey. He was the first D.J. to feature a naked woman on the radio, and has been featuring naked women on his show ever since. When Howard talks, people listen, and when Howard's sidekicks, especially his partner Robin Quivers (who also does news) adds her two-sense in as well its hard to take your ears away. Howards executive producer Gary Dell'Abate is featured a lot in the show, along with Fred Norris, Jackie Martling (who is no longer with the show) Artie Lange, "Stuttering" John Melendez, and the list goes on. Howard takes a different approach to interviews, although he does interview celebrities a lot, he occasionally interviews regular people off the street and so

Actors: Jason Ortiz, Robin Quivers, Christie Hemme, Torrie Wilson, Jenna Jameson, Fred Norris, Gary Dell 'Abate, John Melendez, Jackie The Jokeman Martling, Artie Lange, Howard Stern


Season 1 of The Howard Stern Show

Season 2 of The Howard Stern Show

    Episode 3: Show #44  
    Episode 4: Show #49  
    Episode 5: Show #62  

Season 4 of The Howard Stern Show

Season 5 of The Howard Stern Show

Season 7 of The Howard Stern Show

Season 8 of The Howard Stern Show

Season 9 of The Howard Stern Show

Season 10 of The Howard Stern Show

Season 11 of The Howard Stern Show

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