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What is Barbara about?
Barbara Liversidge; patient, sweet and gentle. yeah right... This brilliant sitcom follows the life of an out-spoken, no-nonsense middle aged Yorkshire woman named Barbara Liversidge who has become the agony aunt, problem-solver and all round sounding pole for her extended family.Through it all though, Barbara struggles vainly on in the desperate hope that one day she may be awarded with a quieter life!

Actors: Sam Kelly, Madge Hindle, Benedict Sandiford, Gwen Taylor, Sherrie Hewson, Elizabeth Carling, Mark Benton, John Arthur
Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of Barbara

    Episode 1: Birthday  
    Episode 2: Rivals  
    Episode 3: Amour  
    Episode 4: Friends  
    Episode 5: Coffee  

Season 2 of Barbara

    Episode 1: Kids  
    Episode 2: Massage  
    Episode 3: Mum  
    Episode 5: Tyres  
    Episode 6: Fox  
    Episode 7: Sisters  
    Episode 8: Mate  
    Episode 9: Wedding  
    Episode 10: Sheep  

Season 3 of Barbara

    Episode 1: Queenie  
    Episode 2: Flood  
    Episode 5: Weekend  
    Episode 6: Baby  
    Episode 10: Kirsty  
    Episode 11: Cottage  

Season 4 of Barbara

    Episode 1: Queenie  
    Episode 2: Flood  
    Episode 5: Weekend  
    Episode 6: Baby  

Season 5 of Barbara

    Episode 4: Kirsty  
    Episode 5: Cottage  
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