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Watch Barbara online: Episode 4 Crimewave

Following a crimewave in the area, Barbara joins the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. The head of the watch, Mr. Dougsdale later decides to kick Barbara out for causing too much trouble. Soon after, the lights go out and Mr Dougsdale falls in the living room, losing his glass eye, hearing aid and false teeth. Mr. Dougsdale thinks he's found his hearing aid under the piano, only to discover its something old of Barbara's that should have been left where it was. Meanwhile, Linda is away, so Neil begs Martin to go to a nightclub with him. Neil is meeting a date at the club, and she's bringing along a friend, So, Neil wants Martin to keep the friend company while he's on his date. As it turns out, the two girls are big fans of Martin and completely ignore Neil. So Neil drowns his sorrows and arrives home drunk; only to be met with a bigger shinier problem...

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