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What is Sailor Moon *DUPLICATE* about?
DUPLICATE of Normally the older one would be marked as the dupe but 78500 has a lot more info. If you worked on this series please transfer over any needed info the the proper entry. This copy is locked down and will be removed eventually. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sailor Moon is about Serena, a teenager who lives in Tokyo. She lived on the Moon Kingdom and was sent to Earth for protection. As evil rises, she and four of her friends must transform into the Sailor Scouts and save Earth, and the universe. Soon 4 more scouts appeared. 3 of which do not like working with the others. And the last Sailor Scout apears at the end of S Sailor Moon is the North American dub of the Japanese anime "Bish'jo senshi Sailor Moon". Sailor Moon was originally a Japanese comic, derived from the comic: Codename wa Sailor V. It was then turned into the anime we watch today! Main Villians (in order) - Negaverse: Queen Beryl - Doom Tree: Alan & Ann - Negamoon: Wiseman, Black Moon Family - Fiore and Kisinean flower(R movie) - Bureau of Bad Behavior: Pharaoh 90 & Dr. Tomoe - Snow Queen Kaguya and Snow dancers (S movie) - Dark Moon Circus: Queen Nehellenia & Zirconia - Lady Badyannu and the 3o'clock

Actors: Mandy Cornelli, Stephanie Morgenstern, Katie Griffin, Linda Ballantyne, Stephanie Beard, Liza Balkan, Norma Dell'Agnese, Emilie Barlow, Ron Ruben, Roland Parliment, Loretta Jafeline, Sarah Lafleur, Jeff Lumby, Barbara Redecki, Vincent Corazza, Kristen Bishop, Karen B
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Sailor Moon *DUPLICATE*

Season 2 of Sailor Moon *DUPLICATE*

    Episode 13: Treed  

Season 3 of Sailor Moon *DUPLICATE*

Season 4 of Sailor Moon *DUPLICATE*

Season 5 of Sailor Moon *DUPLICATE*

    Episode :   
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