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What is Peepshow about?
Meet Mark and Jeremy. Mark's a Nazi-obsessed uptight middle-manager for JLB Credit and Jez is feckless housemate, more interested in shagging the neighbour than getting a job

Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of Peepshow

Season 2 of Peepshow

Season 3 of Peepshow

    Episode 1: Mugging  
    Episode 5: Jurying  

Season 4 of Peepshow

    Episode 3: Gym  
    Episode 4: Handyman  
    Episode 5: Holiday  
    Episode 6: Wedding  

Season 5 of Peepshow

    Episode 1: Burgling  
    Episode 2: Spin War  

Season 6 of Peepshow

    Episode 4: Aversion  

Season 7 of Peepshow

    Episode 3: Mr. Nice  
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