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What is The Legendary Fok about?
Huo Yuan Jia revolves around Ekin Cheng's titular hero, who comes of age during the waning days of the Qing Dynasty. With the country weakened by constant foreign infringement, Chinese people suffer unfair treatment from foreigners in their own homeland. After seeing his friend get beaten to death, Huo realizes that he must help strengthen China through martial arts, creating his own kung fu style and dueling against foreign challengers. His cause is aided by Jordan Chan's Chen Zheng, a fictional hero that attained iconic status through Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury and was also portrayed by Donnie Yen in an ATV drama. Here, Jordan Chan creates a more mischievous character that suits his acting style and helps lighten the drama. Uplifting and packed with action, Huo Yuan Jia is a grand drama about brotherhood, courage, patriotism, and the essence of martial arts.

Actors: Ekin Cheng as Huo Yuan Jia, #Jordan Chan as Chen Zhen, #Zhou Mu Yin as Zhao Qian Nan, #Bryan Leung as Huo En Di (Yuan Jia's father), #Xiu Qing as Long Hai She
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of The Legendary Fok

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