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What is Discovery Channel Raging Planet about?
WITNESS THE AWESOME FORCES OF NATURE THIS MONTH AS DISCOVERY CHANNEL TAKES YOU INTO THE HEART OF OUR RAGING PLANET This month, Discovery Channel reveals the awe-inspiring magnitude of nature's fury in RAGING PLANET. From the massive floods and surge caused by Hurricane Katrina in the US to the lightning storms of the African plains, RAGING PLANET captures the beauty and destructive elements of Mother Nature at work. RAGING PLANET shows nature at its wildest and most furious with footage from all over the world. Filmed with cutting edge technology, each episode of RAGING PLANET examines a different extreme weather condition and shows the sheer force of events such as massive floods, killer avalanches, deadly volcanoes, powerful twisters and violent hurricanes. Special effects and stunning recreations depict some of the world's most famous volcanic eruptions, avalanches and sea storms in amazing detail. Get up-close to the destructive powers of nature and experience the speed of a twister, the power of a hurricane, and the explosive punch of a volcano on RAGING PLANET.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Discovery Channel Raging Planet

    Episode 1: Tornado  
    Episode 4: Flood  
    Episode 6: Blizzard  
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