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What is The Illuminati about?
A Feature Length Documentary Exposing The Global Network of Secret Societies & Royal Satanists. This is a giant geopsychopolitical picture and things are happening with the use of subliminal indirect reverse psychological propaganda. Its made to be confusing by the evilarchy that controls not only the United States but Britain. The documentary illustrates how this Illuminati, this group who calls themselves the enlightened ones, had gained positions of power through control of the banking system. Billions of people on planet earth are living in ignorance. Before your very eyes, politicians are advancing a global plan. Since the time of Napoleon, secret societies have been influencing politicians to take over and conquer Europe. Now, in the 21st century, their work of ages is coming to fruition. The New World Order is about the centralization of power. Its about silencing any public criticism of the system. Its about commercializing and selling everything as a product. Its about letting China torture students and still allowing them to host the Olympics. Its about closing down government owned schools and hospitals, turning them into apartments, and then letting private companies make profits from teaching your children or selling you drugs. The secret societies and political organizations running the New World Order use various symbols and numbers. Once you learn their secret language, you too will have the All Seeing Eye.

Genre: Documentary, News, Special Interest

Season 1 of The Illuminati

Season 2 of The Illuminati

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