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What is So NoTORIous about?
"So NoTORIous," a single-camera comedy from NBC Uni TV, stars Tori Spelling as herself, an underdog in the un-celebrity world that she desperately tries to be a part of. Joining her are Janey, Tori's best friend since high school. Sasan, Tori's other best friend since high school who is gay but his Iranian parents are in denial. Pete, Tori's roommate, who's "just staying with her until he finishes med school," Pete is a partier who's always on the make. Tori's mother, Kiki is a polished beauty who enjoys her status as Hollywood royalty. Nanny raised Tori and thinks of her as her own daughter. Ruthie Rose is Tori's devoted manager.

Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of So NoTORIous

    Episode 1: Plucky  
    Episode 2: Whole  
    Episode 3: Street  
    Episode 5: Jealous  
    Episode 6: Cursed  
    Episode 7: Relaxed  
    Episode 9: Soulful  
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