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What is 2030 CE about?
Welcome to the year 2030: Common Era (CE). Bright with possibility, it is a vibrant new world of employment, clean air and a revitalized emphasis on leisure and recreation. The 'good life' is available to all. What more could one want? Well, maybe to live longer. A mysterious virus called Progressive Aging Syndrome (PAS) is causing certain death by the age of 30. The result is a world where youth rule - as med school grads at 16, elders at 22, the driving age is 12! This brave new world has been reclaimed under the name Nexes, a corporation formed by governments, business and the scientific community. With no apparent escape from the deadly virus, Nexes' young medical team are committed to finding a cure....or are they? United in their suspicion of Nexes, 2030CE centers on the idealistic and handsome Hart (Corey Sevier, Lassie), his worldly-wise sister Rome (Tatiana Maslany, Incredible Story Studio) his best friend Robby (Neil Denis, X-Men: Evolution) and his new ally

Actors: Corey Sevier, Curtis Harrison, Neil Denis, Elyse Levesque, Tatiana Maslany, Skye O.J. Kneller, Jessica Lucas
Genre: Children

Season 1 of 2030 CE

    Episode 13: Plan B  

Season 2 of 2030 CE

    Episode 12: Endgame  
    Episode 13: Reunion  

Season 3 of 2030 CE

    Episode : TBA  
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