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Hart tries to get out of the dome but Scotch came so who couldn't for a while. Susik said that they can talk to Louden if they go to an old movie theater so he, Jakki, Zues and Rome went to see him. After Scotch left, Hart messed with the wiring more and tied them together and pushed it with his medallion. After that, the dome opened and he got out and talked to Dr. Green, Hart was saying how he needed to see Rome becuase she was the only family he has left and Dr. Green said to be back within 2 hours or he'd die. When Zues, Jakki, Rome and Susik got to the movie theater, Louden was on the screen and he proved that he had the killswitch, and after he pushed the button, Susik went uncouncios. Dr. Rich and Rat we're talking to Faydra and Rat started to stretch and slowing started to flater Faydra and said he had a friend named Stu that was a tuber that they called Stuber. While trying to knock Faydra out with one of the shocking devices, she knew was was going on and shocked him. While R

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