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What is Life N General about?
Welcome to the Life N General guide at TV Tome. Life In General is a dramatic television series that is set on the coast of North Carolina. It is a modern story of nine teenagers growing up, dealing with unique stories of choices, moral absolutes, friendship, love, values, faith, and personal tribulation. Characters arrange from all walks of life and placed in a unique setting that television has never seen before. The series deals with the lifes of Paul Wilson, Casey Clark, Amy Halls, JM Morehead III, Roxanne Carson, John Carson, Ashley Lovejoy, Chip Poston, Brooke Wilson and others that make up the world of Life In General. The Creator and Executive Producer John Kearns Jr. says, "This show will be a show like nothing before, because it will tell the truth about teenagers struggling to live a life that is pure and wholesome and in times like today, we need to focus our minds and hearts to what really is important and that is family

Actors: Aaron Fiore, Bonnie Johnson, Peter Dupre, Ned Thigpen, Clay Randall, Jonathan Soronen, Danyel Bailey, Melissa Sutton, Andrew Robertson, Audria Bolin, Jeffery Tomberlin, Kristin Mason, Michael Mario Good, Frances McDuffie, Karen Brigman

Season 1 of Life N General

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