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What is The Four about?
Bold and heroic, this series will become a wuxia classic on Jade channel. Using the political decline of Northern Song dynasty as the background, this is the story of the Four Great Constable upholding justice while punishing the wicked. With the addition of impressive fighting choreography, it will be an exciting visual experience for audiences. Toward the end of Northern Song dynasty, the outlaws are amok and citizens lived in a difficult state. Master Chu Kot (Dominic Lam) who was assigned to the justice department hopes to re-establish the law and order in the country. However, evil minister Choi Ging (Lau Kong) is in power and repressed Master Chu Kot for many years, unable to carry out his ideals. Afterward Master Chu Kot solved a serial killing case and manage to impress Emperor Qinzong who consent him in taking charge of the justice department. Under Master Chu Kot diligent effort, the justice department gathered a lot of talents. Among them Lang Huet (Ron Ng as Cold Blooded), Tit Sau (Kenneth Ma as Iron Hand), Zhui Ming (Sammul Chan as Life Snatcher) and Mou Qing (Raymond Lam as Emotionless Cripple) combined as the Four Great Constable. They are strict and impartial, seeking justice on behalf of the citizens and even discovered the secret plot of evil minister Choi Ging planning to usurp the throne! The huge responsibility of the country now falls on The Four Great Constable.

Genre: Action and Adventure

Season 1 of The Four

    Episode 23: ?23?  
    Episode 24: ?24?  
    Episode 25: ?25?  
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