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What is Bordertown about?
Bordertown, a weekly, half-hour western, quickly became the Family Channel's highest rated original series when it debuted in 1989. It had a very successful three year run before it was cancelled due to high production costs. The series still has a loyal following among fans. The series is set in the 1880's, and centers around two lawmen, an American Marshal and a Canadian Mounted Policeman, who must share jurisdiction of a small town that straddles the U.S./Canadian border. Both are romantically interested in Marie Dumont, the French widow of the town doctor, who has taken over her late husband's practice.

Actors: Sophie Barjac, Richard Comar, John H. Brennan
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Bordertown

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    Episode 2: Runners  
    Episode 12: Trapped  
    Episode 13: Slave  
    Episode 23: Nahanni  

Season 2 of Bordertown

Season 3 of Bordertown

    Episode 7: Blood  
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