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What is I Spy about?
A pair of American operatives work undercover as a tennis pro and his trainer. Kelly Robinson is the man with a racket, Alexander Scott is, among other things, a polyglot. The creation of the Cinemobile for location shooting enabled far-flung episodes in Hong Kong, Europe, Mexico, etc. The writing is of a standard that would be very difficult to match in any circumstances, or as Scott & Robinson might say, the wonderfulness of its marvelousness is only equal to the marvelousness of its wonderfulness.

Actors: France Nuyen, Robert Culp, Kenneth Tobey, Harold Stone, Antoinette Bower, Sheldon Leonard, Bill Cosby, Alan Oppenheimer
Genre: Kids

Season 1 of I Spy

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    Episode 10: Tatia  

Season 2 of I Spy

    Episode 2: Lori  
    Episode 3: Sophia  
    Episode 4: Vendetta  
    Episode 13: Lisa  
    Episode 17: Tonia  

Season 3 of I Spy

    Episode 3: Laya  
    Episode 10: Apollo  
    Episode 21: Shana  
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