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What is Supernatural The Unseen Powers of Animals about?
When science fiction becomes science fact. This groundbreaking series unravels the extra-sensory feats and near-paranormal powers of animals. It journeys to the outer limits of scientific knowledge to find a parallel animal universe where life exists in other realities and has powers that almost defy belief. Here sharks perceive human electric auras and dolphins use ultrasound to 'see' a human foetus in the womb. There are monkey herbalists, frogs that have mastered the art of cryogenics and lizards that walk on water or cry blood. Supernatural not only looks at animal hypnosis and the healing powers of fish and dolphins, it even explains weird phenomena such as animals foretelling earthquakes or forecasting the weather and fish that 'rain' from the sky.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Supernatural The Unseen Powers of Animals

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