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What is Password Plus about?
Password Plus is a remake of the familiar Password shows. Password Plus consisted of two rounds. The main round in which the teams had to guess the password using one word clues as was like the original game, however, the passwords were also clues to a puzzle that could be a person, place or thing. The person who reached $300 won the game and went on to the end round. The end round was called Alphabetics where the contestant and his or her celebrity partner were to try to guess ten passwords that began with certain letters of the alphabet (For example, the letters A-J) For every word guessed correctly, they got $100, but to get all ten within a sixty second time limit, they received $5000. An illegal clue lowered the jackpot by $1,000. Allen Ludden hosted the show until 1980, when Tom Kennedy took over. In 1984, this same format was used for Super Password starring Bert Convy.

Actors: Bill Cullen, Tom Kennedy, Allen Ludden, Gene Wood, Elizabeth Montgomery
Genre: Game Show

Season 1 of Password Plus

    Episode 2: PWP-2  
    Episode 3: PWP-3  
    Episode 4: PWP-4  
    Episode 5: PWP-5  
    Episode 6: PWP-6  
    Episode 7: PWP-7  
    Episode 8: PWP-8  
    Episode 9: PWP-9  
    Episode 10: PWP-10  
    Episode 11: PWP-11  
    Episode 12: PWP-12  
    Episode 13: PWP-13  
    Episode 14: PWP-14  
    Episode 15: PWP-15  
    Episode 16: PWP-16  
    Episode 17: PWP-17  
    Episode 18: PWP-18  
    Episode 19: PWP-19  
    Episode 20: PWP-20  
    Episode 21: PWP-21  
    Episode 22: PWP-22  
    Episode 23: PWP-23  
    Episode 24: PWP-24  
    Episode 25: PWP-25  
    Episode 26: PWP-26  
    Episode 27: PWP-27  
    Episode 28: PWP-28  
    Episode 29: PWP-29  
    Episode 30: PWP-30  
    Episode 31: PWP-31  
    Episode 32: PWP-32  
    Episode 33: PWP-33  
    Episode 34: PWP-34  
    Episode 35: PWP-35  
    Episode 36: PWP-36  
    Episode 37: PWP-37  
    Episode 38: PWP-38  
    Episode 39: PWP-39  
    Episode 40: PWP-40  
    Episode 41: PWP-41  
    Episode 42: PWP-42  
    Episode 43: PWP-43  
    Episode 44: PWP-44  
    Episode 45: PWP-45  
    Episode 46: PWP-46  
    Episode 47: PWP-47  
    Episode 48: PWP-48  
    Episode 49: PWP-49  
    Episode 50: PWP-50  
    Episode 51: PWP-51  
    Episode 52: PWP-52  

Season 2 of Password Plus

    Episode 1: PWP-53  
    Episode 2: PWP-54  
    Episode 3: PWP-55  
    Episode 4: PWP-56  
    Episode 5: PWP-57  
    Episode 6: PWP-58  
    Episode 7: PWP-59  
    Episode 8: PWP-60  
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