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What is Baffle about?
Welcome to the Baffle guide at TV Tome. This is the game show that replaced Concentration. Two celebrity/civilian teams competed in the fastest game of the west. One would be in an isolation booth while the other posted letters. The object was to guess the word as quickly as possible (up to a 60 second time limit). Then the other team would try to beat the time set by the other team. The team with the quickest time won the game & 2/3 won the match & played the bonus. The contestant played a 30 second bonus game where they had to identify words with three letter clues Dick Enberg provides. Each word paid $100 & 8 words won a car & 9 words won a car, trip & $5,000! In December, the show was reformatted & retitled All-Star Baffle where 4 celebrities played the main game. The winning team drew a name from the barrel & the audience member came on stage to play the bonus round. This was also later used when Magnificent Matble Machine wen

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