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What is King of the Jungle about?
Welcome to the King of the Jungle guide at TV Tome.<br><br> Twelve animal experts travel to the heart of the jungle to compete for a chance to host their own wildlife show on Animal Planet. For ten days the contestants are tested on skill, knowledge, and courage. <br><br> Famous animal expert Jeff Corwin guides them and provides comic relief along the way, while "nasty" Nigel Marven cuts one of the competitors at the end of each day.<br><br> Only one can be crowned King of the Jungle.

Actors: Nigel Marven, Jeff Corwin, Madison Michele

Season 1 of King of the Jungle

    Episode 1: Day 1  
    Episode 2: Day 2  
    Episode 3: Day 3  
    Episode 4: Day 4  
    Episode 5: Day 5  
    Episode 6: Day 6  
    Episode 7: Day 7  
    Episode 8: Day 8  
    Episode 9: Day 9  
    Episode 10: Day 10  

Season 2 of King of the Jungle

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