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What is Supermarket Sweep about?
For years, Al Howard and his wife, Alice, would patiently stand in line at their local supermarket, waiting to check out their groceries. Throughout our great country, tens of millions of Americans go through this ritual every day, every week, every year. One day, Al fantasized, " What if once, just once, the manager came over to me and said, How would you like to run wild through the market and grab everything you can get your hands on and it won't cost you a cent!" Well, back in the 1960's Al turned this fantasy into Supermarket Sweep. He realized that he needed more than 'running through a market' to make a successful game show, so he added many other features, all relating to products we typically find in a market. His rule was, the smarter a contestant is, the more time he (she) would get to race through the market on Search- supermarket sweep Mind you, Al had an advantage in creating the show. He was already a copywriter for a major ad agency handling

Actors: Richard Hayes, David Ruprecht, Randy West, Johnny Gilbert

Season 15 of Supermarket Sweep

Season 16 of Supermarket Sweep

Season 17 of Supermarket Sweep

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