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What is The Tracey Ullman Show about?
A variety/sketch show brought to you by funnywoman Tracey Ullman. The show was one of the first programs on the then-new FOX Network in the U.S. in the mid 1980s. Tracey's show was a sketch comedy show including lots of singing and dancing. The Simpsons appear as short, animated sketches, interspersed between the main, live-action sketches. Spinoffs: The Tracy Ullman Show led to the creation of the hit FOX show, The Simpsons. It began as short skits on Ullman's Show. Overall the Simpsons made appearances in 50 episodes in the show's first three seasons and one additional apppearance in the fourth and final season.

Actors: Nancy Cartwright, Tracey Ullman, Joseph Malone, Anna Levine, Yeardley Smith, Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Sam McMurray
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of The Tracey Ullman Show

    Episode 1: 4W02  
    Episode 2: 4W03  
    Episode 3: 4W04  
    Episode 4: 4W01  
    Episode 5: 4W06  
    Episode 6: 4W07  
    Episode 7: 4W26  
    Episode 8: 4W08  
    Episode 9: 4W09  
    Episode 10: 4W10  
    Episode 11: 4W25  
    Episode 12: 4W11  
    Episode 13: 4W12  

Season 2 of The Tracey Ullman Show

    Episode 1: 4W16  
    Episode 2: 4W17  
    Episode 3: 4W14  
    Episode 4: 4W24  
    Episode 5: 4W15  
    Episode 6: 4W05  
    Episode 7: 4W18  
    Episode 8: 4W13  
    Episode 9: 4W22  
    Episode 10: 4W19  
    Episode 11: 4W21  
    Episode 12: 4W23  
    Episode 13: 4W20  
    Episode 14: 5W01  
    Episode 15: 5W02  
    Episode 16: 5W03  
    Episode 17: 5W04  
    Episode 18: 5W05  
    Episode 19: 5W06  
    Episode 20: 5W07  
    Episode 21: 5W09  
    Episode 22: 5W08  

Season 3 of The Tracey Ullman Show

    Episode 2: 5W10  
    Episode 3: 5W11  
    Episode 4: 5W12  
    Episode 5: 5W13  
    Episode 6: 5W14  
    Episode 7: 5W16  
    Episode 8: 5W17  
    Episode 9: 5W18  
    Episode 10: 5W19  
    Episode 11: 5W20  
    Episode 12: 5W21  
    Episode 13: 5W22  
    Episode 14: 5W23  
    Episode 15: 5W24  
    Episode 16: 5W25  
    Episode 17: 5W26  
    Episode 18: 5W27  
    Episode 19: 5W28  
    Episode 20: 5W29  
    Episode 21: 5W30  
    Episode 22: 5W15  

Season 4 of The Tracey Ullman Show

    Episode 1: 7W01  
    Episode 2: 7W02  
    Episode 3: 7W03  
    Episode 4: 7W04  
    Episode 5: 7W05  
    Episode 6: 7W06  
    Episode 7: 7W07  
    Episode 8: 7W08  
    Episode 9: 7W09  
    Episode 10: 7W10  
    Episode 11: 7W11  
    Episode 12: 7W12  
    Episode 13: 7W13  
    Episode 14: 7W14  
    Episode 15: 7W15  
    Episode 16: 7W16  
    Episode 17: 7W17  
    Episode 18: 7W18  
    Episode 19: 7W19  
    Episode 20: 7W21  
    Episode 21: 7W22  
    Episode 22: 7W23  
    Episode 23: 7W20  
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