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What is Frontline about?
Frontline is a satirical comedy on Current Affairs. From the anchor Mike Moore who believes he does all the work (but just reads the autocue) to the egotistic reporter Brooke Vandenberg and the troubles of the other staff (not to mention horrible Friday Night Entertainer Elliot Rhodes) After two years, the show did a thing related only to sci-fi programs, by skipping forward a number of years. The show, however, maintained it's high quality and is one of the Top Australian shows ever made. From Season 2 onwards, there are no specific writing credits as Cilauro, Kennedy, Sitch and Gleisner wrote in practically all episodes. The same is said for directing.

Actors: Rob Sitch, Stephen Curry, Pip Mushin, Kevin J. Wilson, Anita Cerdic, Linda Ross, Genevieve Mooy, Eng Aun Khor, Peter Stratford, Boris Conley, Bruno Lawrence, Tom Gleisner, Marcus Eyre, Alison Whyte, Steve Bisley, Trudy Hellier, Lynda Gibson, Tiriel Mora, Jane Kennedy, To
Genre: Nonfiction
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Season 1 of Frontline

    Episode : Air Crash  
    Episode : Sanctuary  

Season 2 of Frontline

Season 3 of Frontline

    Episode 13: Epitaph  

Season 4 of Frontline

Season 5 of Frontline

Season 6 of Frontline

Season 7 of Frontline

Season 8 of Frontline

    Episode : Miss USSR  
    Episode : Plunder!  

Season 9 of Frontline

Season 10 of Frontline

Season 11 of Frontline

Season 12 of Frontline

    Episode : Mandela  
    Episode : Hot Money  

Season 13 of Frontline

Season 14 of Frontline

    Episode : Shtetl  

Season 15 of Frontline

    Episode : Hot Guns  
    Episode : Nazi Gold  

Season 16 of Frontline

    Episode : Fat  

Season 17 of Frontline

    Episode : Snitch  
    Episode : Pop  
    Episode : The Crash  

Season 18 of Frontline

Season 19 of Frontline

    Episode : Hackers  
    Episode : Blackout  

Season 20 of Frontline

    Episode : Dot Con  
    Episode : Muslims  

Season 21 of Frontline

Season 22 of Frontline

    Episode : Diet Wars  
    Episode : The Plea  

Season 23 of Frontline

    Episode : The Storm  

Season 24 of Frontline

Season 25 of Frontline

    Episode : Endgame  

Season 26 of Frontline

(watch here)

Season 27 of Frontline

(watch here)

Season 28 of Frontline

(watch here)
    Episode : The Quake  

Season 29 of Frontline

Season 30 of Frontline

(watch here)
    Episode : Poor Kids  

Season 31 of Frontline

Season 32 of Frontline

Season 33 of Frontline

    Episode : Outbreak  

Season 34 of Frontline

    Episode : Exodus  
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