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What is Card Sharks about?
Welcome to the Card Sharks guide at TV Tome. "Ace is high, deuce is low. Call them right and win the dough ... onnnn ... Card Sharks!" That's how the opening spiel for one of the most popular new game shows of the late 1970s went. Based on the card game Acey Deucy, Card Sharks enjoyed two successful runs: from 1978 to 1981 on NBC daytime; and from 1986-1989 on CBS (a five-a-week syndicated entry aired from 1986-1987). There was also an ill-advised debacle of a run, a five-a-week syndicated show that appeared in the fall of 2001. The basic premise for all three runs was similar: complete the row of cards before your opponent does, by correctly guessing whether the next card was higher or lower. 1978-1981 and 1986-1989 versions The rules for the 1978 and 1986 versions, which saw two players (one a returning champion) compete, were virtually identical. Each player had his/her own row of five cards. To gain control of his row, he/she had to be more accurate in answeri

Actors: Johnny Olson, Jay Stewart, Gene Wood, Jack Narz, Lacy Pemberton, Suzanna Williams, Bill Rafferty, Randy West, Gary Kroeger, Pat Bullard, Tami Anderson, Bob Eubanks, Jim Perry, Markie Post, Charlie O'Donnell

Season 1 of Card Sharks

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