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What is McCloud about?
A "fish-out-of-water" cop show about a New Mexico lawman assigned to a Manhattan precinct. There's a healthy dose of matchstick-chewing and down-home phrases, but McCloud is one sharp country slicker who teaches his city counterparts a thing or two about nailing bad guys.

Actors: Dennis Weaver, J.D. Cannon, Ken Scott, Dee Timberlake, Coleen Gray, Diana Muldaur, Terry Carter, Teri Garr, Tracy Reed, Ken Lynch, Della Reese, Sidney Clute
Genre: Drama


Season 1 of McCloud

Season 2 of McCloud

Season 3 of McCloud

Season 4 of McCloud

Season 5 of McCloud

    Episode 8: Sharks!  

Season 6 of McCloud

    Episode 3: Fire!  

Season 7 of McCloud

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