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What is All Saints about?
All Saints is a popular Australian medical drama which airs on the Seven Network, and various international networks. The programme debuted on 24 February 1998 and soon became one of Australia's highest-rating dramas. All Saints also achieved popularity overseas, particularly in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The series is set in a fictional Sydney suburban hospital, All Saints General Western Hospital. Its stories originally focused on the lives of the nurses of Ward 17, which was also known as the "garbage ward" because it took the overflow of patients. In 2004, after a year of low ratings, producers drastically overhauled the series, shifting focus from Ward 17 to the Emergency Department. A new set was established, many old characters were dropped and many new ones introduced. With this change, the series also came to focus more upon the lives of the doctors, as well as the nurses as it had in the past.

Actors: Alexandra Davies, Ben Tari, Sam Healy, Grant Bowler, Rachel McNamara, Mark Priestley, Judith McGrath, John Howard, Georgie Parker, Jeremy Cumpston, Brett Stiller, Rachel Gordon, Ling Hsueh Tang, Josh Quong Tart, Paul Tassone, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Joy Smithers, N
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of All Saints

Season 2 of All Saints

Season 3 of All Saints

    Episode 34: Ghosts  

Season 4 of All Saints

Season 5 of All Saints

    Episode 19: Shame  
    Episode 32: Secrets  

Season 6 of All Saints

    Episode 1: Trust  
    Episode 10: Vale  

Season 7 of All Saints

    Episode 4: Wolf  
    Episode 18: Clean  
    Episode 32: Karma  

Season 8 of All Saints

    Episode 13: Echoes  
    Episode 21: Poison  
    Episode 29: Requim  

Season 9 of All Saints

    Episode 34: Contact  

Season 10 of All Saints

    Episode 14: Timing  
    Episode 32: If Only  

Season 11 of All Saints

    Episode 28: Echoes  

Season 12 of All Saints

    Episode 3: Day One  
    Episode 24: Trust  
    Episode 29: 29  
    Episode 30: 30  
    Episode 31: 31  
    Episode 32: 32  
    Episode 33: 33  
    Episode 34: 34  
    Episode 35: 35  
    Episode 36: 36  
    Episode 37: 37  
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