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What is Ocean Girl about?
Welcome to Orca. Dr. Diane Bates accepts a job on a new underwater science labratory called Orca. She is going to study whales as part of her research. Recently divorced she and her two boys Jason and Brett set out to start a new life, what they dont know is that their life is about to change. After boarding Orca they soon discover irregular patetrns in the Whale song. As the story unfolds it appears that the whale is communicating with another being -- a girl in fact! This girl not only can talk to whales but breathe underwater as well. The story continues as Neri discovers a sister and her origins -- a far off planet! She is from an advanced civilization "The Planet Of the Oceans" and that she has been sent on a mission to try to save her home as well as earth. Show History The Disney Channel - 1994-1997 - Weekends at 3:00 P.M. (New episodes on Sundays; repeats upcomming Saturday) The forth season of Ocean Girl was never showed on The Disney Chan

Actors: Marzena Godecki, Lauren Hewett, Andrea McEwan, Nina Landis, Gregory Ross, William McInnes, Miki Oikawa, Tony Briggs, Alex Pinder, Pamela Rabe, Jacalyn Prince, Nadia Landis, Joelene Canogoras, Tharini Mudallar, Sudi de Winter, Melvin J. Carroll, Guy Mallaby, Joel de Car
Genre: Kids
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Season 1 of Ocean Girl

(watch here)

Season 2 of Ocean Girl

(watch here)
    Episode 5: Mera  
    Episode 13: Return  

Season 3 of Ocean Girl

    Episode 2: Amnesia  
    Episode 14: Changes  
    Episode 15: The Spy  

Season 4 of Ocean Girl

    Episode 7: The Bug  
    Episode 11: Cheat  
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