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What is Pingu about?
A heartwarming hero from the coolest corner of the world! Pingu is a beloved claymation series of TV shorts about a Penguin Called Pingu. Despite it being aimed to younger audiences, it is also a family show. About The Show Pingu is a young mischievous Penguin that lives in the South Pole with his Mom & Dad, his Sister, Pinga, his best friends Ping & Pingo (HIT entertainment dubbed Pingo "Punky"), Robby the Seal, & a cast of other colorful characters. The show doesn't use english words, but it's own creative language called "Penguiniese" (OR, "Pengish"). History The show originally began in Switzerland from the company Trickfilmstudio back in 1986. But over the years, it had spread to America and other countries of the world such as Japan where the show is famous amongst young teen girls (ages 13-17). & also in England where Pingu has become a household name.

Actors: Marcello Magni, Carlo Bonomi, David Sant
Genre: Animation, Children
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Season 1 of Pingu

    Episode :   
    Episode 6: Jealousy  
    Episode 10: Skiing  
    Episode 24: Noise  
    Episode 27: N/A  
    Episode 28: N/A  
    Episode 29: N/A  
    Episode 30: N/A  
    Episode 31:   
    Episode 32: N/A  
    Episode 33: N/A  
    Episode 34: N/A  
    Episode 48: TBA  
    Episode 49: TBA  
    Episode 50: TBA  
    Episode 51: TBA  
    Episode 52: TBA  
    Episode 53: TBA  
    Episode 54: TBA  
    Episode 55: TBA  
    Episode 56: TBA  
    Episode 57: TBA  
    Episode 58: TBA  
    Episode 59: TBA  
    Episode 60: TBA  
    Episode 61: TBA  
    Episode 62: TBA  
    Episode 63: TBA  
    Episode 64: TBA  
    Episode 65: TBA  
    Episode 66: TBA  
    Episode 67: TBA  
    Episode 68: TBA  
    Episode 69: TBA  
    Episode 70: TBA  
    Episode 71: TBA  
    Episode 72: TBA  
    Episode 73: TBA  
    Episode 74: TBA  
    Episode 75: TBA  
    Episode 76: TBA  
    Episode 77: TBA  
    Episode 78: TBA  
    Episode 79: TBA  
    Episode 80: TBA  
    Episode 81: TBA  
    Episode 82: TBA  
    Episode 83: TBA  
    Episode 84: TBA  
    Episode 85: TBA  
    Episode 86: TBA  
    Episode 87: TBA  
    Episode 88: TBA  
    Episode 89: TBA  
    Episode 90: TBA  
    Episode 91: TBA  
    Episode 92: TBA  
    Episode 93: TBA  
    Episode 94: TBA  
    Episode 95: TBA  
    Episode 96: TBA  
    Episode 97: TBA  
    Episode 98: TBA  
    Episode 99: TBA  
    Episode 100: TBA  
    Episode 101: TBA  
    Episode 102: TBA  
    Episode 103: TBA  
    Episode 104: TBA  
    Episode 105: TBA  
    Episode 106: TBA  
    Episode 107: TBA  
    Episode 108: TBA  

Season 2 of Pingu

Season 3 of Pingu

Season 4 of Pingu

Season 5 of Pingu

Season 6 of Pingu

Season 7 of Pingu

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