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What is The Ultimate Love Test about?
Welcome to The Ultimate Love Test guide at TV Tome. This compelling new reality series follows four couples on the most dramatic, emotional journey of their lives. After years of dating, each couple has found themselves at a crossroads in their relationship. They're fully committed, but a hint of doubt still lingersis this the right person? Are they ready for marriage? Is love enough? "The Ultimate Love Test" gives each couple the opportunity to test their love and find answers to these difficult questions. After agreeing to take "the test," the couples are separated. One of them stays home while the other is sent to a spectacular resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where they are met by a person (or people) who represents everything they feel is lacking in their current partner. When faced with this option, will they choose to return to the one they love, or to pursue another dream? It is the ultimate test of real vs. ideal, and the results are life chang

Actors: Frank Primorac, Carolyn, Jayre, Heather Ballentine, Diego Currier, Kenesha, Amber Rood, Brandon Showalter

Season 1 of The Ultimate Love Test

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