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What is Make the Connection about?
This weekly 30-minute Goodson-Todman Productions quiz show featured a host, a four member panel, and two (or more) contestants. It was sponsored by Borden's Dairy Products. The "Elsie the Cow" logo of a flower with Elsie graced the panel members' desks. The object of the game was for the panel to guess the connection between the contestants. An example was a husband and wife team of contestants, and the connection was "Mr. Miller is a policeman who gave his wife a ticket last week." A low "sotto" voice whispered the connection to the audience while it was shown on the television screen. In addition, the show would also feature celebrity contestants. An example was when Sam Levenson appeared. Three other men were connected to him, and the answer was that twenty years ago, Sam was a bandleader and these were the band members. After that game, Sam and the men then performed songs while the panel danced. In 2004, Game Show Network a

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