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What is Fabian of the Yard about?
Wecome to the Fabian of the Yard, presenting the casebook of Detective Inspector (later Superintendent) Robert Fabian of Scotland Yard.<br> <br> Robert Fabian was a real life detective, working from the Metropolitan Police's headquarters at New Scotland Yard. Each episode of the series featured a dramatisation of one of his cases. The role of Fabian was played by Bruce Seton, although Fabian addressed the camera at the end of each episode.<br> <br> While many BBC dramas of the time were transmitted live from the studio, Fabian of the Yard was shot on film. Originally transmitted on Saturday nights, the series was later moved to Wednesday evenings, with a repeat on weekday afternoons. <br> <br> The series was a success in the US, where it ran on CBS as Patrol Car. There were two spin-off films, each a compilation of three episodes from the TV series. Sister series Dixon of Dock Green was based on characters introduced in the film The Blue Lamp, itself based on a case investi

Actors: Bruce Seton
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Fabian of the Yard

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