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What is Tekzilla about?
Embrace digital technology. Join the Tekzilla crew and make your tech work better for you. Or you can go live in the woods with an axe. Every Friday, Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont deliver product reviews, computer help, tech tips on everything from iPods to camcorders, HD to the Internet, plus do it yourself projects.

Actors: atrick Norton, Veronica Belmo
Genre: Special Interest

Season 1 of Tekzilla

    Episode 1: Big One  
    Episode 2: Space  
    Episode 3: Morgan  
    Episode 4: Ladies  
    Episode 5: Leopard  
    Episode 6: Pat Back  
    Episode 7: Eee PC  
    Episode 8: Mario  
    Episode 12: Wii  
    Episode 13: Looj  
    Episode 47: Winner  
    Episode 49: Packets  
    Episode 51: Bad RAM  
    Episode 52: GPS  
    Episode 55: Android  
    Episode 56: Smooth  
    Episode 62: Coffee  
    Episode 103: Shure  
    Episode 105: iCicle  
    Episode 107: iFixit  
    Episode 115: Slork  
    Episode 117: ToDo  
    Episode 125: iPad  
    Episode 131: Arcade  
    Episode 132: Robert  
    Episode 135: iPad  
    Episode 142: EVO 4G  
    Episode 143: Tested  
    Episode 157: Vacuum  
    Episode 166: Belkin  
    Episode 167: Boxee  
    Episode 175: Leweb  
    Episode 178: Mint  
    Episode 196: Ipad2  
    Episode 222: Emails  
    Episode 239: Roku 2  
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