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What is SlugTerra about?
A boy discovers a new world deep underground where people have duels using magical worm-like creatures, but are threatened by the evil Dr. Blakk and his army of henchmen.

Actors: Sam Vincent as the voice of Eli Shane, Lee Tockar as the voice of Pronto the Magnificent, Shannon Chan-Kent as the voice of Beatrice "Trixie" Sting, Andrew Francis as the voice of Kord Zane, Mark Oliver as the voice of Dr. Thaddeus Blakk,

Season 1 of SlugTerra

    Episode : The Trade  
    Episode : Deadweed  
    Episode : Club Slug  
    Episode : Undertow  

Season 2 of SlugTerra

    Episode : Snowdance  
    Episode : No Exit  
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