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What is ZOIDS: Guardian Force about?
Guardian Force takes place several years after the peaceful resolution of the war. In order to help prevent future wars, a Guardian Force is jointly established by the Empire and the Republic. Its mission is to seek out volatile groups and contain them before they can cause more chaos. Because of their influence in the war, Van, Zeek, Fiona, and Thomas are among the Guardian Force's key members. It is duirng this period of Zoids that more of the Zoidian secret is revealed than any other as the true battle for the of Planet Zi begins! A new and more powerful threat than Prozan has come and he wants to destroy the leadership of both nations! Hiltz a man of few words has come and this time he has comrades such as Reice and Raven. Raven has survived the destruction of the Genosaur and has come back in a new and improved Geno-Breaker to take his revenge on Van Flyheight and Reice the second Ancient Zoidian who has many psychchic powers has come to take out Fiona. But Hiltz has other p

Actors: Dave Pettitt, Dave Kelly, Robert Scott Henrickson, Matthew Erickson, Onalea Gilbertson, Meredith Taylor-Parry, Mariette Sluyter, Jonathan Love, Mark Gatha, Carol Anne Day, Paul Hunter
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of ZOIDS: Guardian Force

    Episode 2: Sniper  
    Episode 8: Raven  
    Episode 19: Phantom  
    Episode 20: G-File  
    Episode 32: Endgame  
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