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Watch ZOIDS Guardian Force online: Episode 33 Return to Tomorrow

In the Final Episode, Van and Raven give it all they got to defeat the reserected Death Saurer. Hiltz is on a rampage blasting away with the the Sauer's Charged Particle Beam. To destroy the Death Saurer, Fiona and Zeke were prepared to sacrifice themselves to destroy Zoid Eve. Doing so, all of the Zoids on Zi would be destroyed. Van stopped them, exclaiming that he could destroy it, by launching himself from the Gravity Cannon on the Ultrasaurus! The energy shield was destroyed by Raven, with the Genobreakers charged particle beam. The Liger was shot out of the cannon and thrusted through a charged particle blast right through the zoid core of the Death Saurer, destroying it and Hiltz. The Zoid Eve went back underground, and the Death Saurer exploded, thus ending the series with Fiona, Van, and the Blade Liger. Peace is once again restored to the planet Zi.

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