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Watch ZOIDS Guardian Force online: Episode 32 Endgame

The final battle between Van and Hiltz has arrived, but Fionna keeps seeing Prozen. Reece, flying on Specula, appears in front of Prozen (Raven, Reece, and their organoids were awakened when Fioana opened the gate to Zoids Eve). It's obvious that Reece is no longer taking orders from the Dark Kaizer. Just when the evil man is about to give her one of his energy blasts, Raven appears in the Genobreaker. They exchange angry words, and Prozen sends 3 Genosaurs to attack. Reece watches tearfully while Raven battles with them. Suddenly, stray gunfire hits the building holding Zoid Eve causing it to activate. The Death Stinger begins to glow. Meanwhile, Lt. O'Connell is flying overhead sending arial photos back to the Ultrasaurus. Captaim Herman notices that the Death Stinger is resurrected. Also in the skies is Prince Rudolph and a group of whale kings. Rudolph sees a picture of the dark Kaizer and immediatly recognizes him as Prozen. On the ground, Van watches helplessly as the Death Sting

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