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What is Dirty Pair Flash about?
Dirty Pair Flash is related to the original Dirty Pair, with the same characters but there are some changes. Dirty Pair Flash was released later but it is something of a prequel, showing the two main characters on their first assignments. It contains animated violence and mayhem, some profanity and a small amount of nudity. The DVD release is rated 15 and up. The Pair consists of two 17-year-old junior level 'Trouble Consultants', a cross between a trouble-shooter and a secret agent. They work for an organization called World Welfare & Works Association or the 3WA which handles problems galaxy-wide. Their codename is 'Lovely Angels' but it's easy to see why they are eventually known as the Dirty Pair, not in a naughty way, but because they tend to leave ruination wherever they go. Yuri is the purple-haired and perky team member, she is occasionally zany and a bit distracted. Yuri tends to rely on her feminine wiles to get out of trouble, rarely plans ahead and is obsessed wit

Actors: Jason Douglas, Kim Sevier, Kimberley Yates, Charles Campbell, Sue Ulu, Laura Chapman, Rica Matsumoto, Doug Smith
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Dirty Pair Flash

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