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What is Bloodhound: The Vampire Host about?
Rion, help me! A real vampire That was the last cell message Rion heard from her friend Shiho before she disappeared. Determined to find out what became of her, Rion searches Shihos room and uncovers a business card for a local host club. Kranken Haus, an ornate entertainment club for women, is filled with handsome men costumed as vampires who serve as bartenders and escorts for females desiring company and attention. She confronts Suou, a gorgeous man working at the club as a host, whose name is on the card. He denies any involvement with her disappearance and tries to brush her off. Rion concocts an incident and starts working there too so she can keep an eye on him and the club owner. But things get complicated when its revealed that Suou isnt just acting he really is a 200-year-old vampire! Thats only the beginning in this horror-comedy live-action series that is based on a best-selling Japanese manga.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Season 1 of Bloodhound: The Vampire Host

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