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What is What Not To Wear about?
TLC's What Not To Wear is a spin off of What Not To Wear airing on BBC America. The reality show premise is simple: friends and family members nominate a candidate that they consider poorly dressed and ask the show to make over the "fashion victim." Fashion Police Stacy London and her partner, Clinton Kelly (or Wayne Scott Lukas in the first season) ambush the candidate and make them an offer-- they are given a $5000.00 budget for a new wardrobe, which they must purchase in New York City boutiques over the course of two days, but only on the condition that they allow Stacy & Clinton/ Wayne to critique, and in most cases throw out, their existing wardrobe. For grooming tips, hairdresser Nick Arrojio and makeup artist Carmindy help refine the candidate's look.

Actors: Stacy London, Clinton Kelly, Nick Arrojo, Carmindy Bowyer, Jillian Hamilton, Wayne Scott Lukas
Genre: Reality
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    Episode 1:   

Season 1 of What Not To Wear

    Episode 1: Morna  
    Episode 2: Eileen  
    Episode 3: Donna  
    Episode 4: Kerry  
    Episode 6: Larry  
    Episode 7: Lili  
    Episode 8: Ann  
    Episode 9: Holli  
    Episode 10: Jen  

Season 2 of What Not To Wear

Season 3 of What Not To Wear

Season 4 of What Not To Wear

Season 8 of What Not To Wear

    Episode 1: Courtney  
    Episode 2: Leanne  
    Episode 4: Crizti  
    Episode 5: Emily  
    Episode 6: Gina  
    Episode 7: Jessica  
    Episode 8: Annie  
    Episode 9: Sara  
    Episode 11: Leia  
    Episode 12: Miriam  
    Episode 14: Mindy  
    Episode 15: Mindy  
    Episode 16: Wanda  
    Episode 18: Serrita  
    Episode 20: Hillary  
    Episode 22: Linda  
    Episode 23: Susan  
    Episode 25: Sarah M  
    Episode 26: Lizzie  
    Episode 27: Erin  
    Episode 28: Maggie  
    Episode 29: Aleishe  
    Episode 30: Angie  
    Episode 31: Denise  
    Episode 32: Janet  
    Episode 33: Azi  
    Episode 34: Alicia  
    Episode 35: Amanda  
    Episode 36: Teresa  
    Episode 37: Renee  
    Episode 38: Deana  
    Episode 39: Ep. 39  
    Episode 40: Ep. 40  

Season 9 of What Not To Wear

    Episode 1: Becky  
    Episode 3: Noel  
    Episode 5: Jackie  
    Episode 6: TBA  
    Episode 7: TBA  
    Episode 8: TBA  
    Episode 9: Bailey  
    Episode 11: Lisa  
    Episode 12: Disa  
    Episode 13: Teresa  
    Episode 15: Leanne  
    Episode 17: Crizti  
    Episode 18: Emily  
    Episode 19: Gina  
    Episode 20: Jessica  
    Episode 21: Anne  
    Episode 22: Sara  
    Episode 24: Vikki  
    Episode 25: Leia  
    Episode 26: Miriam  

Season 10 of What Not To Wear

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