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What is Mind Your Language about?
Barry Evans stars as Jeremy Brown trying to teach English to a class of mixed nationality students. The first series had 13 episodes and was broadcast between December 1977 until March 1978. The second series had only 8 episodes & aired from October 1978 until November 1978. The third and final series of 8 episodes aired between October 1979 & December 1979. Seven years later in 1986 a fourth series of 13 episodes of Mind Your Language was broadcast, this series was only broadcast to a small area in England & is the least seen of all the episodes. To my knowledge the 4th season of the show was never seen in Australia. (Apparently the fourth and final season was seen in Australia in 1987 or 88.) The Best of Mind Your Language episodes are available on Video from Volumes 1,2,3,& 4. (Most of series 1 & some of Series 2.)

Actors: Albert Moses, Iris Sadler, Zara Nutley, Francoise Pascal, Jacki Harding, Ricardo Montez, Anna Bergman, Barry Evans, Kevork Malikyan, Tommy Godfrey, Robert Lee, Gabor Vernon, George Camiller, Pik-Sen Lim, Dino Shafeek, Jamila Massey
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Season 1 of Mind Your Language

Season 2 of Mind Your Language

Season 3 of Mind Your Language

Season 4 of Mind Your Language

    Episode 7: Mama Mia  
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