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What is Animaniacs about?
Warner Bros.' follow-up to Tiny Toon Adventures was a show even nuttier than its predecessor. The two Warner Brothers talky Yakko and Liverpool-accented Wakko and their Warner Sister, Dot ("I'm cute") had supposedly been created in the 1930's, but their cartoons were too screwball for the general public. The three Warners (all black with long ears, but no distinguishable species or breed) were locked up in the studio water tower until they escaped in the early 1990's. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot ran wild around the lot, pursued by studio CEO Thaddeus Plotz, security guard Ralph, studio psychiatrist Dr. Scratchinsniff, and Scratchinsniff's buxom assistant, Hello Nurse (Who didn't really have to do much pursuing, if you know what I mean. "Hellooooooo, Nurse!"). The show spat out pop culture references and throwaway visual gags with machine-gun rapidity, entertaining kids and adults alike. Also popular were the many songs and song parodies that graced the program.

Actors: Bernadette Peters, Nancy Cartwright, Frank Welker, Tress MacNeille, Julie Brown, Jess Harnell, Tom Bodett, Colin Wells, Rob Paulsen, Nathan Ruegger, John Mariano, Tony Pope, Chick Vennera, Maurice LaMarche, Avery Schreiber, Sherri Stoner
Genre: Animation
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Season 1 of Animaniacs

    Episode 8: Win Big  
    Episode 147: Hiccup  
    Episode 275: Spike  
    Episode 310:   

Season 2 of Animaniacs

    Episode 22: Coo  
    Episode 30: I'm Mad  
    Episode 43: Fake  

Season 3 of Animaniacs

    Episode 6: U.N. Me  
    Episode 13: Bingo  
    Episode 14: Finale  
    Episode 32: Go Fish  

Season 4 of Animaniacs

    Episode : Noel  
    Episode 5: Noël  

Season 5 of Animaniacs

    Episode 4: It  
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