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What is Inside Victor Lewis-Smith about?
This series takes a look inside the mind of comic author, prankster, and journalist Victor Lewis-Smith as he lies immobilized in a "comic coma" in a BBC hospital for distressed broadcasters. Throughout the course of the series, Lewis-Smith confronts the dark recesses of his own psyche as he embarks on a guided tour of his internal organs via his bloodstream, accompanied by a chatty cabbie who doubles as a narrative linking device. The hospital storyline is woven around a series of comedy sketches that emerge from Lewis-Smith's subconscious when his life-support system is fed into a television monitor, in effect transforming him into a "human video playback machine." The result is a bold, bizarre, and hilarious collection of skits embedded within a surreal, highly innovative situational comedy format. Each episode features one or more of Mr Lewis-Smith's signature phone pranks played on some unsuspecting me

Actors: Victor Lewis-Smith

Season 1 of Inside Victor Lewis-Smith

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