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What is The Julekalender (duplicate of 80954, please ignore this) about?
Long, long ago, the race of Nisser lived happily with Father Christmas in Greenland, getting up to mischief with the humans, drinking, and making merry. Then the "N-sere" came - evil, vampire-esque creatures with an unhealthy obsession for money and counting, and almost eradicated the Nisser. A few Nisser survived, among them good old Gammelnok, who is now on the brink of death, as the music box that plays his life tune needs to be wound up. Gammelnok gathers three of the remaining Nisser (Hansi, Gunther, and Fritz) and sends them off to Denmark, to find the old Nisse cave where the key to wind up the music box is. He gives them The Book to take with them, an ancient tome that contains the answer to any and all questions, warning them to take great care that it does not fall into the hands of a N-ser. If this were to happen, all would be lost. They are also warned to take care, as the N-sers nowadays have come to look like normal humans, but when they drink alcohol, they come to look like they did in the old days, with fangs, and thick-rimmed glasses.

Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of The Julekalender (duplicate of 80954, please ignore this)

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