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What is Dust Up about?
Dust Up is a wild ride that lets viewers get a cockpit-eye view of three maverick crop dusters in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. 73-year-old Bud Jardine, his rebellious son Brennan Jardine, and ambitious newbie Travis Karle who chase their dreams at 150 mph, five-feet off the ground. These three are NOT your typical pilots. Each with their own crop dusting operations, they are competitive, ego driven daredevils, choosing coveralls over pressed uniforms and 'flying tractors' over jets. These crop-gun pilots buzz inches above the fields dodging trees and telephone wires to deliver their payloads while entertaining roadside audiences with their death-defying feats. With high stakes drama on the ground and peril in the air, Dust Up features compelling stories about family feuds, resourcefulness and survival in the rural heartland.

Genre: Documentary, Reality

Season 1 of Dust Up

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