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Watch Dust Up online: Episode 5 The Winds of Change

Harvest has begun and farmers are clamoring for Brennan to protect their crops against rapidly advancing winter weather. Buds prize crop is too wet to take to market and his storage bins are falling apart. Bud races to repair his bins and find a grain dryer to save the crop. After the sudden departure of his son Sean, Brennan struggles as a one man team and makes the dangerous decision to fly in high winds knowing that his customers are relying on him. Alone with his children, Travis struggles to find childcare. He is anxious to get in the air and save a crop he could not spray after Transport Canada shut him down on a certification technicality. When Travis finally returns to spray the crop, bad weather and his caution keep him on the ground - with the farmers 150K crop hanging in the balance. After a very close call in the air, Brennan finishes the farmers fields and shuts down knowing that the wind is just too strong. Alone and shaken he reaches out to his family by attending his fathers 73rd birthday, with a hope to thaw the cold feud that has been estranging father and son all summer.

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