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Watch Dust Up online: Episode 4 Family Business

Swamped with work, Brennan's struggle to secure a reliable ground crew ends with the arrival of his son Sean. Impressed by his father's prowess, Sean considers a future as a crop duster, but hopes are dashed when fighting amongst the Jardines boils over into a third generation. Meanwhile, an early frost threatens to destroy Bud's best crop in years. Bud puts his life on the line flying his misfiring plane to spray for his farmer neighbours and race home to spray his own wheat crop. But will Bud live to see his prize crop harvested? Travis flies "too close to the sun" by venturing into a southern territory outside the range of his restricted license to help a farmer in crisis. A disgruntled crop duster rats him out and Travis receives a call from Transport Canada, forcing him home to upgrade his license, leaving the farmer's 150K crop hanging in the balance.

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